Price structure

Normally, the price of renting a Mobile Event is divided into 3 groups:

  • The fixed cost of the mobile concept is the time from the moment the trailer is adapted for the customer, until the moment that the trailer is completely expanded for the customer.
  • For the actual deployment of the trailer for a day, costs are incurred, such as the Operations Coordinator which is generally available all day, fuel costs, rent of the truck etc.
  • For every day that the mobile event is used, the calculation takes into account an average daily price of the driver (based on 12 hours),
  • the rent of the truck and the fuel costs will be calculated on the basis of the number of km and route that is driven.
  • The additional costs. These costs are, for example, a certain floor covering that the customer wants, or 5 TV monitors, special tables and chairs etc. Also below is also the labeling of the trailer with logos etc.
  • This last point is something that the cost of interior builder can be covered in the future.

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