BrainCross Mobile Events high-quality hospitality focuses on exclusive and interactive customer contact. Hospitality is everything that the guest experiences at the mobile event. Hospitality should be designed in such a way that it supports your message and goals.
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We feel that every mobile event should be a unique experience. How do we achieve this? By listening to you and by creating a specific hospitality design that seamlessly connects with different target groups. We create unforgettable events in which behavior, service and environment are coordinated for an optimal experience. A space where guests feel at home. BrainCross Mobile Events does not sell standard concepts. We listen to your needs and adjust hospitality accordingly.


BrainCross Mobile Events hospitality staff are characterized by clear communication and a representative appearance. These staff are constantly working to exceed the expectations of your guests. They make every effort to make the guest experience as pleasant as possible. Hospitality means everything the guest experiences before, during and after the event: The invitation by email, the Track & Trace system, digital loyalty factors, interactive customer communication, the inspiring mobile event, welcoming reception rooms, excellent catering and a personal good-bye. We develop hospitality trailers with care yet in a short time. The widely deployable and expandable trailers are true eye-catchers at your event
Unique features of the expandable hospitality trailer:
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BrainCross Mobile Events is an experienced specialist in designing custom mobile exhibition stands. With sincere attention and a thorough approach, we ensure that we create the ideal exhibition stand that will get you high on a trade fair. Do you want to know what the possibilities are? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.
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BrainCross Mobile Events provides the right mix between online and offline marketing, which ensures high quality, interactive and exclusive customer contact.