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Custom Roadshow Trailer

If you plan to use a roadshow for a longer period of time, it is smart to go for a custom roadshow trailer. With our partner, we make it possible to provide a trailer that meets your wishes down to the smallest detail. Before we start with the design, we take stock of your wishes and needs and then sit down at the drawing board. Once everything is to your liking, we will continue in the construction process and you will be included in this total concept.

Custom Roadshow


A multifunctional marketing tool that reaches your customers with the same uniform appearance, always and everywhere.

The new normal of this time, where a fair was the standard, more and more companies opt for a Roadshow solution. At BrainCross Mobile Events we work with you to find the best solution and design so that you will be optimally prepared for your Roadshow.

If desired, let yourself be completely taken care of by outsourcing the maintenance, storage, roadshow management and operational commitment to us as a Roadshow specialist.

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1. Brainstorm under expert supervision with a specialist core team to determine which requirements and functionalities the “ideal” Roadshow trailer should meet.

2. On the basis of an initial rough design, determine which choices can be made to perfect the design into something that is perfect.

3. The second design based on as many details as possible.

4. Working out the second design in a 3D drawing to best reflect reality.

5. Working out a price indication + optional choices that provide an overview of the total picture in terms of purchase and or lease.

6. Providing insight into future and flexible updates and adjustments of the concept, so that the basic concept can last 8 to 10 years without compromising on the quality requirements of the future and changing times.

7. If desired, go through and make any proposals regarding maintenance, storage, road show management and operational (sustainable) deployment, including well-trained and experienced road show operator / driver

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