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Buy or rent your Roadshow Trailer at BrainCross Mobile Events. With a varied range of standardized to complete custom roadshow trailers. Making events special with a distinctive mobile concept, that's what we aim for!



BrainCross Mobile Events provides mobile road shows and mobile trade fair stands that can be set up entirely according to your own wishes. We equip your contemporary meeting and office spaces with modern demonstration and communication tools such as interactive whiteboards. Are you looking for a mobile promotion concept, such as a mobile showroom that drives through Europe? With a customizable design you will lock in your potential customers with an event that they will not soon forget. We can translate your wishes into a ready-to-use pop up concept, such as a mobile pop up store or pop up café. BrainCross Mobile Events has solutions for all your mobile issues!


High-quality mobile events

High-quality mobile events make a lasting impression on your customers and partners. BrainCross Mobile Events collaborates with you to ensure an unforgettable event. Our concepts fit seamlessly with your online and offline marketing goals. We develop flexible, mobile concepts that can be adapted to any conceivable target group. These mobile events excel in style and usability, and we will help you communicate your message to your visitors in an authentic fashion.

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Brand, connect & expand

Roadshow marketing has the advantage that you are visible in several places in the country. You make connections with potential customers with whom you would otherwise not have come into contact so quickly. The range of road shows is enormous, which makes it a perfect marketing tool. A friendly conversation and personal approach are worth gold in times of digitization. Connect the dots between online and offline marketing in which human interaction is becoming increasingly valuable. With roadshow marketing you are assured of a unique and unforgettable total experience!

Follow and experience your mobile event

Before, during and after your roadshow, you can use a personal web page with a secure login code that allows you to follow and experience your mobile event, day and night. Benefits of the BrainCross Mobile Events interactive webpage:
By involving you and your visitors in your event personally, we will be able to collect useful data for you. With interactive and exclusive contact with visitors, you create digital loyalty aimed at your target group. This type of online and offline customer communication results in high-quality leads and a higher return on investment.

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BrainCross Mobile Events provides the right mix between online and offline marketing, which ensures high quality, interactive and exclusive customer contact.